About us

TOPHim Group is a leader in the market of solvents and paints in Western Ukraine, during the last 15 years of dynamic development our company has gained invaluable experience and reputation of a reliable company and recognition of our customers.

We offer comprehensive solutions for the supply of chemical raw materials and finished paint products and solvents, in such areas and industries as:

paint and varnish;
production of solvents and thinners;
production of car chemistry and car cosmetics;
specials and specials;
materials for road marking;
and others;

We distribute our products in pre-packed, industrial and bulk containers. It is possible to produce solvents of any complexity and solvents of analogues of world brands with similar characteristics. The optimum ratio of price and quality will allow to cooperate effectively with our company and will be profitable both for small sellers of solvents and paint and varnish products, and for large consumers.

We only manufacture our products from high quality raw materials that we import from all continents. The whole range of finished products has all the necessary certificates of quality and passes careful laboratory control.

The main activities of the company:

Production of high-quality chemical products taking into account new trends of the LFM market
Warehouses in Lviv, Dnipro and Kherson
Wholesale supplies of imported and domestic raw materials for the paint industry and printing
Delivery of finished products from European manufacturing plants
Professional support

Always in stock. At your service delivery in the shortest possible time and flexible pricing policy, which will allow you to work for regular customers on more favorable terms for you.